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Potato salad with beets and apples (winter). Recipe

Necessary products for cooking potato salad with beets and apples:

600 g potatoes, 200 g beets, 200 g apples (sour), 100 g cucumbers, parsley, 2 eggs.

Sauce: 200 ml of sour cream, pepper, salt, 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, crushed fennel.

Recipe for potato salad with beets and apples:

Boil potatoes and beets, peel, cut into slices or strips. Peel the apples from the peel and core, cut into slices or straws. Add to potatoes with beets. Add cucumbers, cut into circles, pepper, salt. Boil the eggs, peel, cut into cubes and add to the salad.

Make sauce. Stir sour cream with vegetable oil, spices and salt. Add the sauce to the salad, mix lightly.

Sprinkle potato salad with beets and apples with finely chopped parsley and can be served.

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