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Potato Recipes

What potato dishes do you know? What potato recipes are in use in your kitchen? Surely there will be a lot of recipes, because only bread is more popular than potatoes, but bread has been known to mankind for so long that it is simply impossible to compete with it. However, potatoes are also not so simple, and quite often we see dishes with potato on the table.

But potatoes appeared in Europe not so long ago. Potatoes were first brought to Spain in the 16th century by conquistadors who discovered potatoes in America. At first, they did not know anything about potatoes and sometimes used it in a very original way. For example, in 1565, King Philip II sent potatoes to an ailing Pope as medicine. However, he did not lose, because the potato really has considerable potential. And medicinal too.

And very soon the potatoes were scattered all over the earth. Potatoes have become almost the main dish in poor families. They ate it boiled, fried, baked, cooked soups, prepared salads and snacks, used it as garnishes for other dishes, made flour from it and baked potato bread.

Because the potato turned out to be an amazing product - simple, tasty and nutritious.

In addition, the potato provided chefs with very generous opportunities. Potato dishes turned out to be so diverse that sometimes you begin to suspect that almost everything can be made from this unpretentious root crop. Yes, and potatoes are combined with various products just perfectly. It is no wonder that recipes with potatoes are so different and, more importantly (after all, each climatic region of the planet has its own characteristics, its own, so to speak, cuisine), they are very successfully amenable to all sorts of changes.

However, few housewives know about all the possibilities of such an amazing potato, while there are so many ways to cook ordinary potatoes that you can write a whole book of recipes. However, such books have been written for a long time. And in large numbers.

We have done more. We have collected on the site the most famous recipes with potatoes. There are a lot of them, they are all very different. But all these dishes are very tasty. We hope you enjoy our site.